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Commercial Services

  • Commercial A/V Integration

  • Commercial Surveillance Systems 

  • Low-Voltage wiring

  • Smart Classrooms 

  • Digital Signage

  • Kiosks

  • Video Walls

  • Audio Reinforcement

  • Commercial Sound Masking

  • Audio/Video Conferencing

  • Commercial Projector installs 

  • Commercial Projection Screen installs

  • Distributed Audio

  • Distributed Video

  • Video Teleconferencing

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Residential Services

August 23, 2016

  • TV Hang

  • Residential A/V

  • Low-Voltage wiring

  • Smart Home automation  

  • Surround Sound Systems

  • Wireless Networking

  • Wired Networking

  • Video Surveillance, DVR, and remote access 

  • Projector installs

  • Projection Screen installs

  • Computer Repair/Virus removal

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Audio Video Rack with multiple transmitters and receivers for audio video

Commercial A/V Integration

Quality Integration requires proper placement of gear, routing of wires, and functionality of the designed system.
Though the name is "All Wired Tech", that does not mean you should see the wires. We strive ourselves on concealing the wires in a way that is more of a showcase instead of just a completed project. With increased functionality fewer service calls are needed with proper integration, this is provided at no extra cost to our clients.  

Surveillance Camera Monitor with 16 channels shown

Commercial Surveillance Systems

When it comes to video surveillance and security camera systems, We have the experience both designing and installing video systems of all types. Whether you have a need for a simple system to see visitors at your front door or you need a sophisticated multiple camera video recording system for a large facility.Your surveillance system can watch halls, hidden corners, register/transaction areas. Outside parking lots, storage yards, drive-throughs and entrance doors can be viewed. We have cameras that are weather protected for mounting on building exteriors or seperate poles. Dark areas and nighttime scenes can be revealed by low-light and infrared cameras with built-in infrared illumination.

Open concept area with sound masking speakers

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems, also known as speech privacy systems, are becoming more and more popular in a commercial workspace. Sound masking is a term used when using “White” or “Pink” noise to mask the sound of normal office chatter like conversations from a neighboring cubicle, a nearby noisy printer, the sounds of a paper shredder or just about any other common office noise.



Logo All wired Tech
Large Venue Projection screens and Projectors with lifts that allow the screens and projectors to be hidden in the ceiling when not in use


All Wired Tech is a diversified company in the Daytona Beach area. With over 16 years of experience, we will be able to provide a competitive and comprehensive solution with a local presence for any type of technical burdens you may have. 

All Wired Tech is committed to building relationships while providing the highest level of customer service. With the client's needs as our highest priority, we will prove that the client is always first. Our goal is to give the best service and exceed expectations on delivery. Our commitment to our community and family is that we will provide a fair price for a quality installation. As we build our business from referrals and "Word of Mouth", our clients will experience the pride of service and quality of installation we strive to provide.   


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